Old and Independent Catholicism

A Tradition Rooted in Freedom of Conscience

     Saint Anne's is an independent Catholic parish, part of the larger Independent Catholic movement, which has its origins in the "Old Catholic" conflict in Utrecht. Then, at the First Vatican Council the Roman Catholic Church moved to solidify its doctrine on the infallibility of the papacy. Thus, remaining at odds with those Catholics who disagreed. The ultimate unity of the Catholic faith is attested to the fact that Catholics are not divided by denominations, as Protestants are, but into jurisdictions. There is only one holy, catholic, and apostolic Church, but for reasons of pragmatic administration - and often prideful and sad human history - this one Church is governed by many cris crossing regions of administration.

As Catholic-Christians we celebrate the Seven Sacraments of the Church validly:


Holy Orders





Anointing of the Sick

In the spirit of Vatican II we use the new edition of the 3rd Roman Missal in the celebration of Mass, Sacraments, Rites and other liturgical celebrations.

How Progressive Catholics

Differ from 

Roman Catholics

1) Divorce in not an impediment to the reception of the Eucharist or participation in the life of the Church


2) LGBTQ persons are not viewed as "disordered" but rather part of God's creation


3) Canons guide the pastoral, liturgical and sacramental life of the Church not serve as restrictions in "do's" and "dont's"


4) Clergy are not prohibited from marriage and vowed to celibacy


5) Freedom of conscience for each Catholic is paramount and honored and respected in matters of family, politics, and secular life

These are only a few examples of differences and yet so much more.

     If you choose to be part of St. Anne's parish, then we ask that you setup an appointment to meet with our pastor and learn more about Independent Catholicism, to see if it's right for you. We honor our brothers and sisters in the Roman Catholic Church and would encourage you to be faithful members of Christ's Church through your parish; but, we will always welcome those who choose to join this parish and live out the Catholic faith through St. Anne's. If you would like to learn more bout this movement please read, "Who Are the Independent Catholics? An Introduction to the Independent and Old Catholic Churches" by John P. Plummer and John R. Mabry.

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